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EHx CBD Lotions


CBD lotion was the only thing that gave me substantial relief. It made it possible for me to return to physical activities, deepen my rest, and helped me feel happier and more alert. From that time forward, I made it a part of my daily rituals to support my overall wellbeing. For me, CBD made the biggest difference in getting past the pain.


In 2019, I was offered to develop and launch a CBD line of my own. I jumped at the chance given how profoundly it helped me and how much of an advocate I’d become. It’s been an honor to create EHx CBD and put it out into the world for everyone to use. I want everyone to benefit from it.


What makes me especially excited about EHx CBD is that all of our products are made with qualities that are deeply important to me.


EHx CBD is: 

Elaine Hendrix with EHx Products

Our motto is:

Human Health • Animal Health • Environmental Health

I use EHx CBD as a part of my daily self care. I believe in its healing properties. I believe it supports me physically, mentally, and emotionally. And, yes, I’ve even created animal products because I believe it helps our animal companions in their physical activities, to feel calmer and happier, and get deeper rest as well. 

EHx CBD is committed to a healthy, happy way of life. What’s good for your body is good for your mind & spirit. What’s good for your body, mind & spirit is good for the planet. And what’s good for the planet is simply good for everyone.

Including our animal companions. 


Giving back is important to our entire team. Therefore, a portion of every EHx CBD purchase goes to social, animal and environmental causes.

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